We are providing best diving service in Palau!

141ft diving cruisers

We have two 41ft diving cruisers named “DayDream6 (DD6)” and “DayDream7 (DD7)”.
 The capacity of these cruisers is 20 to 22 divers (guide included). Their tank storage under the central bench makes good space for you as a guest. DD6 and DD7 both have a big roof covering the boat, giving you protection from heavy rains, wind and sunlight.

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DD6 & DD7 both have toilet and shower on board. This kind of well-equipped diving boat is still very rare in Palau, which makes diving with DayDream the most comfortable way to dive in Palau.

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Outstanding flexibility
We have boats of many different sizes. We have 2 boats of 41ft, 1 boat of 32ft and 3 boats of 29ft. That makes us very flexible and we can arrange many different kinds of trips, upon your request.

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3Free Nitrox Tanks

We offer free Nitrox tanks! Nitrox let you enjoy diving more safely.
We also have Nitrox SP course every day.

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A large variety of diving sites

In Palau, the areas of Ngemelis and Ulong contain the most famous diving sites. In Ngemelis area, there are many popular sites such as the “Blue Corner”, “Blue Holes” and “German Channel”. Blue Corner, which is probably Palaus most famous and requested dive site, are many times talked about as the number one diving site in the world. Many people probably also heard about the “German Channel”, where the chances of seeing the extraordinary Giant Manta Ray is high. In the Ulong area, there are many beautiful corals to watch and plenty different kind of fishes.
 In addition to these major areas, we also make tours to some more advanced points such as “Shark City” in west, the “Peleliu” area in south and “Tail Top” in north. We also do some special trips to “Kayangel” and “Angaur” These kinds of trips require a higher diving experience due to harder conditions than the major spots. Please ask for more information about these kinds of trips, we always tries to be flexible about your requests.

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Rich data-collection of Mantas !

For many years now, DayDream has been studying individual identification of the Manta. At present we have identified and collected data from over 150 Mantas. Thanks to this studies we can offer you a high possibility of seeing the marvelous Manta ray. In addition to the “German Channel”, we at DayDream have another Manta points; “Secret Stadium” and “Aiwokako”.

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A big variety of fishes

No matter if you´re interested in the big fishes like sharks or barracudas, or want to see more of Palau´s small ones, like gobies or angelfishes. Our staff has a high knowledge about Palaus marine life and is eager to show and teach you about whatever you´re interested in.

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High quality rental gear
If you need to use rental gear, we can offer everything from full-rental solutions to single equipment rental. The majority of our BCD, regulators and wetsuits are from the well-known brand Aqua-Lung. Our staff makes regularly checks on our gear, to always maintain a high quality on the gear for you as our guest. Regarding BCDs, at DayDream we can also offer you the side-mount style BCD. On our trips we always provide you with rain coats to keep you comfortable during the day.

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Great diving facilities

At DayDream, we have well equipped facilities. After a long day of diving, feel free to take a hot shower in one of our 3 shower-rooms. There is fresh-water rinse buckets where you can rinse your gear from salt water and also one separate bucket for you to put your camera in. Our camera-blower makes your camera dry again after washing. Inside our shop you can always help yourself to a cup of hot coffee, chocolate or tea, and of course cold drinking water.

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9For Safety

Not only guide but all staff include office staff are certificated EFR(emergency first response). We also have study sessions of rescue simulation and case study in order to raise awareness of safety management.
All of our goats are equipped with oxygen unit, first aid kit and FM radio for in case of emergency.

10We like challenges!
Under the motto of “always delivering world-class diving service to our customers”, we are always looking to take on new challenges to make your diving experience with us even more interesting. The last few years we´ve been open the Peleliu branch, starting up the live-aboard “Ryoma” and also start performing midnight dives, where you can see a lot of small fishes floating up from the depths of the sea. At the moment we have been putting extra focus on side-mount style- and technical diving. Come and enjoy the most advanced diving with us!

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DayDream Palau Since 1994
contact: email: info@daydream-dive.com, phone: (680)488-3551, fax:(680)488-2199
Location: behind Koror state ranger office, Malakal Island