Chuyo maru

* Length: 87 m / 285 ft
* Beam: 12 m / 40 ft
* Tons: 1,900 t
* Bottom depth: 35 m / 115 ft
* From DayDream: 5 min
* Wreck damage level: small

Expected total dive time:
* Recreational air diver: 25 to 30 min
* Recreational nitrox diver: 30 to 40 min
* Tec diver: ~ 60 min
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More about Chuyo maru:
Chuyo is one of the most well-preserved wrecks in Palau. Many wrecks were salvaged after the war and a lot of artifacts were removed. Some of the wrecks have also gained additional damage as an effect off the salvage operations were they sometimes had to blast holes in the ship to get out large equipment.
Chuyo Maru however, was not thought to be worth salvaging after the war. When the “Helmet Wreck” seemed to be missed by the salvagers due to an unknown location, Chuyos position was well known to salvagers but became forgotten until the end of the 80´s.

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Chuyo Maru is located very close to another famous wreck in Palau, the “Amatsu Maru”. They were anchored just about 500 meters apart. When the American airstrikes started, Amatsu Maru was one of their priority targets due to its size and importance for the Japanese Navy. Chuyo however, being a medium-sized coastal freighter could just watch from distance when the bombs started falling on Amatsu, doing their best to help protect Amatsu and scatter the American airstrikes with its AA gun mounted in the stern. Probably they realized that when Amatsu was sunk, Chuyo would be next in line. However they were still afloat on the end of the first day of the airstrikes, but got attacked again early in the morning on March 31 1944. Chuyo Maru was reported as sunk on April 1 around 20:00.

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Today Chuyo rests on the seabed in a perfectly upright position. She is still very intact and only has some fire damage around the bridge superstructure. Due to her excellent condition and not being salvaged after the war, Chuyo Maru is a very interesting dive experience. Her bridge area were the telegraph can be found resting on the floor structure of the navigation level, the stern structure containing wheelbarrow, kitchen and a very well intact engine room are some of the highlight areas of this ship.

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Recreational diving on Chuyo is possible both with and without nitrox. Diving on air is going to give you a short but yet interesting dive. With nitrox and Wreck SP certification, you will be able to fully enjoy this wreck, inside and out! Also good for technical diving, giving the tec diver some interesting penetration opportunities and a lot of time to explore the ship.
The Dive usually starts at the buoy attached to the king post, going down to 12 meter. From there you either- stay and explore the bridge structure or you follow the guideline attached to the kingpost, leading you backwards to the stern where the engine room and other interesting artifacts are located.

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