Rules of Palau wreck dive

When you dive in Palau wreck, there are some rules which you must follow for your safety. Please check the followings. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask us before signing in:

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Rule #1:

Do not touch anywhere on the wreck. The wreck has already spent 70 years underwater, so easy to break down. Also some parts are real sharp too.

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Rule #2:

Do not bring anything back from the wreck. It is prohibited by the local law.

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Rule #3:

Basically no real penetration allowed. Do not go inside the wreck. If you are a certified wreck SP diver, technical wreck diver or cave diver, please ask our dive guides.

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Rule #4:

Please bring your own flash light. Back up light is recommended.

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Rule #5:

Pay close attention to the visibility, especially when you get close to the bottom. Most of Palau wrecks are located inner bay and the visibility could get very low.

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Rule #6:

Please follow the general Palau dive rules such as to bring your dive permit, bring floating device etc. Also follow your dive guide’s instructions. No decompression dives. If you are certified tec diver, please consult us first.

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Rule #7:

You must enjoy your Palau wreck dives!!
This is the most important rule!

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