Safety procedure of Tec dive in DayDream

When you Tec dive with us, there are some rules which you must follow for your safety and comfortable. Please check the followings. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask us before signing in:

One decompression dive par day
For our guests safety, we are offering one deco dive par day so far, in the morning time normally. Second dive (third dive also if you would like to) will be no deco dive. At many of Palau great dive sites, especially wrecks, you can do real enjoy diving with no deco. If you want to two deco diving par day, we may try to make a schedule but not recommended. if you will make 2 deco dives par day, no third dive offering.

Dive following your dive plan
Our Tec dive guides will make a suggested plan for each dive sites. Total run time will be 60 min max until 50 m (165 ft) depth. Most of Tec diver prefer to bring one deco bottle, 100% O2 for deco, and air for bottom gas. Depend on the maximum depth, you can order EAN32 for bottom mix which is no extra charge, but make sure your O2 tracking.

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Dive following general Tec diving safety procedure
Include the rule of third, max PO2 for bottom and deco gas, analyzing, labeling, MOD etc. Please double check to your all of equipments before jump in the water and perform 6 m (20 ft) decent check for every dives. An ascent rate must be 9 m (30 ft) par min or slower.

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Avoid dehydration in your body
Especially Palau is very hot place, so easy to leaded a dehydration. You should hydrate well, this is very important. We offer free 1.5L bottled mineral water for each Tec diver par Tec dive day.

Finish your last dive on 24 hours before your flight at least
Check your return flight ticket.

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No certified card, No dive
Do not forget it. No problem for PADI e-card in your smart phone. If you do not bring your Tec certified card, you can not Tec dive due to our insurance policy.

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Follow your Tec dive guide’s instructions
Your Tec dive guide will explain more details for your dives include local rules. Please understand and follow her/his instruction.

Relax while you are staying in Palau
Of course! But do not too much drink at night before your dive. Relax and sleep well……zzzzzzzz.

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