Tec diving service
DayDream is very friendly dive center for tec divers. We are offering tec diving guidance and courses with following tec dive equipments:

Rental cylinders

  • Aluminum 11.5L/80cf double cylinders w/ isolator manifold, DIN fitting. Primary cylinder for OC backmount tec divers
  • Aluminum11.5L/80cf single cylinders w/ left and right handle, DIN fitting. Primary cylinders for OC sidemount tec divers
  • Aluminum 5.7L/40cf and 4.2L/30cf single cylinders w/ DIN fitting. Good for deco bottle and/or bailout for rebreather divers.
  • Faber steel 3L/23cf and 2L/15cf single cylinders w/ DIN fitting for rebreather diluent and oxygen.
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Gas and more

  • Any blend of nitrox, trimix(coming soon) and medical grade pure oxygen are available for any size of cylinders.
  • Molecular Sofnolime, 1.0 - 2.5mm granules for rebreather divers.
  • Oxygen compatible regulator, hardware for stage bottles are available for rent.
  • Free 1.5L bottled mineral water for each Tec diver par Tec dive day. Also free hot drinks are available on the boat and the dive center.
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  • Fun diving for cirtified tec divers
  • Refresh tec diving
  • Tec dive courses
  • Discover tec dive
  • Discover rebreather dive
  • Trimix and CCR courses will be coming soon.
  • For your further information, please feel free to contact us.

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