Teshio maru

* Length: 98 m / 321 ft
* Beam: 13 m / 45 ft
* Tons: 2,828 t
* Bottom depth: 24 m / 80 ft
* From DayDream: 15 min
* Wreck damage level: middle

Expected total dive time:
* Recreational air diver: 30 to 40 min
* Recreational nitrox diver: 40 to 50 min
* Tec diver: no deco normally
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More about Teshio maru:
Teshio Maru, a standard Type 1C cargo ship that was built during 1942-1943. Her design is very similar to her sister ships Ryuko Maru and Raizan Maru who also sank in Palau. Teshio Maru arrived in Palau in the end of March. With the information of the large group of the American “Task Force 58”, the Japanese decided to make an attempt to leave Palau with a big number of ships and in that way escape the upcoming attack. If they could escape from Palau waters without being discovered by the Americans, they would head for Takao in Formosa. A convoy was formed, including Teshio Maru, Ryuko Maru, Raizan Maru, Kibi Maru, fleet oiler Akebono Maru, the destroyer Wakatake and some other ships. The convoy was given the name “PATA-07” and was supposed to leave on the evening of March 29, but they were delayed and could not departure until early morning the following day. What they did not know by then, was that the American task forces were already in the air, closing in on Palau. In front of the convoy was the destroyer “Wakatake” together with some smaller patrol boats. They did not get far until the American bomb-planes spotted the large convoy and started their attacks by bombing and strafing while some of their planes were dropping mines into channels, blocking the convoys escape route out of Palau.

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The ships in the “PATA-07” group now had no other choice then to turn around and try heading back to Koror for support. Kibi Maru got stuck on the reef while trying to navigate in the chaos of the attack and became an easy target. The Teshio Maru was under heavy attack from several American bombers, she got hit in one of the cargo holds, and also a fatal hit was made in the stern, damaging her steering, making her unable to navigate. Without any opportunity to steer the ship, Teshio drifted with the strong current until she landed on top of the reef were she stayed for some years before finally slipping of the reef and sinking down to the seabed. She came to final rest with her starboard side down.

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Today, Teshio Maru is definitely one of the most beautiful wrecks to dive, since the visibility is generally very good and she is also one of the shallowest wrecks in Palau with a maximum depth of 24 meters and her portside and top of bridge being at around 12 meters, making her bathing in sunlight throughout the year! This is a wreck you want to spend a lot of time to explore and taking pictures of. Due to the shallow average depth even diving with air will give you a lot of bottom dive, even though of course with nitrox you can stay even longer. With a wreck SP certification, you are gonna love penetrating this wreck since the ways and rooms to explore are plenty. Some highlights are the gun in the bow which will make a great wide-angle shot together with the bow structure, the bridge with a lot of holes allowing an easy access inside and also the mess of structure in the back of the ship where you can find a lot of interesting things looking around in the piles of metal.

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