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Diving in Ryoma I
The RYOMA crew will use their local knowledge and experience to bring you to the right dive site at the right moment. Diving off the RYOMA means you get personal attention, reefs without a crowd, easy entry into the water and a maximum bottom time! All diving staff are qualified professionals.
After giving you a briefing at least one divemaster will enter the water with you on every dive to guide, guard and assist. Diving will be done from a tender boat with a short ride to each dive site. The dives are mostly drift dives and the crew will split guests into small groups so that you will have personal attention and safety.

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Nitrox is available for free. Nitrox courses (PADI enriched air diver specialty course) are available for 200 US$. Please let us know in advance if you need Nitrox tanks.

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Special charter trip and special dive

We are providing special charter trip with Ryoma I include Helen Reef, Velasco Reef and Kaytangel Reef which are never going by day Trip. Also ‘Midnight dive’ special charter is so unique, you can see a lot of mysterious life just under the Ryoma.

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Special Midnight Dive Cruise 2017!

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