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RYOMA has 3 deluxe cabins (with private shower and toilet), 6 standard cabins (no shower or toilet) and accommodates up to 18 guests with personal attention and plenty of space. There are 4 shower rooms/toilets (2 male/2 female) in the common area. Each room has a sink, closet and storage under the bed. All room have an ocean view and are airconditioned.
There is a large dining room and a comfortable salon. Alternatively you can relax in the jacuzzi on the sun deck.
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We have bath towel, face towel, and diving towel when scuba diving.
We have rental for hair dryer, extention cord, taps for free. Please not hesitate to ask them for staff.
We also have weight machine, sphygmomanometer, and medical supplies. There are shampoo, hair rinse, body soap in the bath room.
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Location: behind Koror state ranger office, Malakal Island