MV Ryoma I presents

Midnight Dive-Black Water Dive

Midnight Cruise with National Geographic awarded photographer Ryo Minemizu

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Join RYOMA I in October 2017 for a one week cruise targeting Black Water Dive in Palau. A collaboration project between DayDream Palau, Ryoma Cruise and photographer Ryo Minemizu, Grand Prize winner of the 5
th annual Nikkei National Geographic photo award. You will get the chance to discover the beauties and mysteries of Black Water Dive in Palau. Aboard our live aboard Ryoma I you will stay comfortable and always close to the sites, making your diving experience the best possible. During the cruise there will be seminars with slideshows and information from Mr. Minemizu and also from DayDream Manager Hiroshi Akino, who has more than 20 years of diving experience in Palau. With Mr. Minemizu´s knowledge from studying and photographing the small creatures that rises from the deep seas, you will get a great chance to improve your photo skills and knowledge about these for many people unknown species.

Mr.Minemizu site;

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What is Midnight Dive/Black Water Dive?
Midnight dive or Black Water Dive refers to diving conducted when daylight is no longer present, therefore Black Water Dive. It became popular in Hawaii first but has during the last years spread all over the world and is today a popular form of diving, especially for macro- and photo/video enthusiasts.
Like many living creatures, plankton is attracted by light. By putting artificial lights in the ocean we can attract huge groups of plankton and thereby also attract pelagic creatures (filter feeders) form the depths of the ocean. Black Water dive can be done in many different ways but the most common way is to either rig a drop off with lights to attract the small creatures of the ocean or attach lights under a boat that is either anchored or drifting. When midnight dive with our live aboard Ryoma I, we setup many lights on the edge of the drop off around 10 meters deep, to create a bright area just outside the edge of the drop off and attract the fishes living in the deep dark waters below and around the drop-off.

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Compare to traditional night diving, this style of diving means less swimming around with a flashlight to look for fish and instead we can just wait around the “light area” for the fishes to come up. The kind of marine life you can experience during these dives is probably species you never encountered before or at least not in that stage of its life cycle. Juvenile fishes are very vulnerable and to have a chance to survive until adult age they need to either stay close to the surface or deep down in the water during daytime. But by night, attracted by light and food they come to these “lighted area” to feast on the plankton, larval fish and drifting jellyfish gathered. Many kinds of juvenile fishes can be spotted together with jellyfishes, squids and much more mysterious creatures.

Why Palau?
Palau is well known in the diving community for its extraordinary marine diversity and with all of Palau´s reefs and drop-offs; it becomes a perfect place to experience Black Water Dive and all of its beautiful creatures. The upwelling current around the drop-off´s makes a perfect environment to set up lights and attract a big number of different species. Especially the juvenile fishes are usually not strong swimmers, meaning an upwelling current is a big help for them to reach other depths.

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Why Ryoma?
Diving with Ryoma I is the most easy and comfortable way to enjoy Black Water Dive. No long boat rides from mainland out to the reef. From Ryoma you will have 5-10 minutes boat ride to all your dive sites during the cruise. Ryoma I offer top class facilities with comfortable rooms, buffet style dining, common areas to relax and socialize and diving deck with space for cameras, wetsuits and dive equipment. After your dives, a hot shower will by waiting for you just 10 minutes from the dive site. We also provide free use of Nitrox for Nitrox certified divers. Are you not yet certified for Nitrox use? Why not do your course with one of our experienced instructors ornboard!

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Ryoma I have a capacity of 18 diver guests spread out on 9 double rooms. Of the 9 rooms 3 are deluxe cabins and 6 are standard cabins. The ship is also equipped with a big dining deck and a roof deck with Jacuzzi and offers a spectacular view over the Rock Islands of Palau.

Tour information
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- Airport transportation: Round trip $40/person
- Additional dive: $70/dive
- Hotel before/after cruise: $116~/night

- Rental equipment: Full set $50/day
- Alcohol drinks $5~, Soda $2~
- Own bottle $15/bottle

Tax (cash only)
- Rock island permit: $50/person (valid for 10days)
- Vessel cabin tax: Standard $6/night Deluxe $9/night

10% of the cruise fee is customary and appreciated

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