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In 2012, we started to prepare for technical diving service in DayDream. After three years of training and researching new dive sites that is suitable for technical diving in Palau, we finally launched our Tec Team in 2015.
Our technical diving service includes deco diving with oxygen bottle, manifold doubles, sidemount left/right cylinders, CCR cylinders, sodalime and PADI TecRec diver and instructor courses. Now we are on our way to provide trimix and more.

DayDream Tec Team has a lot of experiences from wreck diving in Palau, but this is not just for technical divers. We have discovered that many of the wrecks are quite suitable even for recreational divers to enjoy as well. However there are some risks concerned with visibility, penetration etc. 

All of DayDream dive guides are well trained and have good knowledge for any dive sites in Palau including the wrecks, but the following Tec Team members is specially trained and have high experience and knowledge about wreck diving in Palau and will take a leading part for the wreck diving services in DayDream.

We also offering ‘Wreck Dives Charter’ of Ryoma I.

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